Just watched the new Cinderella with all the pretty people and beautiful costumes and attempted racial diversity and all the same mores and trappings of a fairytale with a dangerous "stay in an abusive home and if you're good you will be rewarded for your perseverance" message. Not all that different from the medieval Catholic peasant message of "work hard on your serfdom and you'll be rewarded in heaven" message.

BRB, writing a story where Cinderella takes her mother's "have courage and be kind" promise more literally, packs up some mementos and maybe some candlesticks or silverware, and leaves the house with the servants her stepmother turns out, living and working with them until she lands a job as an assistant to a seamstress in the city and works hard until she can open her own small modiste shop. And marries, like, a handsome clumsy baker, or some son of a merchant like her father.

And lives happily ever after while the prince marries a foreign princess for a strategic alliance and her stepmother and stepsisters accidentally poison themselves trying to make toast or whatever.

You'll Never Leave Harlan (Alive)
Raylan Givens/Boyd Crowder, (Boyd Crowder/Ava Crowder)
Warning: zombies, murder
written for [profile] undeadbigbang
art by [personal profile] someotherstorm

hell is real

bonus content )

Raylan settles gingerly on the edge of a 40 gallon steel drum. “Well, now,” he says, “what is it you think I’m doing down here?”

Boyd snaps off his rubber gloves, picks up the stick he’s using to stir. “Down here outside your safe city walls, past the hollows and creeks filled with walkers and the lone survivors with their armories and hair triggers? All the way down here?” He makes a show of glancing up at Raylan through his eyelashes. “I don’t suppose you’d come all this way just to see me, Raylan.”

The usual centripetal pull between them tugs at Raylan’s chest. Makes him lean in a little toward Boyd and homemade plastic explosive and every bad decision he’s ever made.

“Don’t suppose I would,” he says.

You'll Never Leave Harlan (Alive) )
Save Yourself
Agent Phil Coulson/Agent Clint 'Hawkeye' Barton/Agent Natasha 'Black Widow' Romanoff

I really wanted to call this story “…and then I wrote clint/coulson/natasha hurt/comfort curtain!fic” but my artistic integrity wouldn’t allow it.

Also available here on AO3.

Coulson tilts Barton's face with his fingertips. His pupils are uneven and his skin is hot. The wound is infected.  )
I Trust You to Kill Me
Agent Coulson / Clint 'Hawkeye' Barton
R to NC-17
written for [profile] wrisomifu

Most people find Specialist Barton so annoying as to be impossible to work with. He's been bounced off so many black ops teams it's probably a record.

Agent Coulson is made of sterner stuff. )
Talibus Laboribus Lupos Defendimus
[personal profile] ghostrunner
Teen Wolf

Okay, so this happened. Wherein [personal profile] robanybody conned me into writing ridiculous backstory for her through the use of pictures of hot people. (I whine a lot about how [personal profile] robanybody knows how easy I am and she tempts me shamelessly, but the truth is I wanted to write this and she just showed me that she’d be interested in reading it.)

Let this be a lesson to all of you. About… about how easy I am, I guess.

I love the icons, bb, I hope you like this.

Coda: Some stories are easy. This story was a total bitch.

The big secret to hunting is this: Don’t let them get you. )
title: In the Shadow of Your Own Heart
author: [personal profile] ghostrunner
fandom: The Vampire Diaries - spoilers up to 2.21

Scenes from the life of Jenna Sommers, before.

It turned out she’d completely missed the point about life. )
It's time once again for me to pimp another show as though I were getting paid for it.

...I'm not, in case you're wondering.

This one is called "Lost Girl". And it's awesome and wacky. And I have pictures.

"Look, I know you'd rather be normal, but you're not. You're a freak and I dig that about you!"

"You know, you really need to learn when to stop talking."

"Bo, you have skills that can help people. People that have nowhere else to turn! People with shiny, shiny money!"

*warning: lots of pictures*

Why you should all be watching Lost Girl )
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( Apr. 13th, 2011 06:34 pm)
So, let's talk about Bedlam, which I am obsessed with now. Yes, I only talk about tv, that's okay, you all like it.

So, Bedlam. It's on Sky Living (which is, uh, British) on mondays. And it's really cool. It reminds me a little of Hex in a lot of ways. Everyone who has seen Hex (hi, like, three people) just sat up a little straighter in their chairs.

"Do you see ghosts?"

"Did Kate tell you that?"

"Something like that. Is it true?"

"Kate talks a lot of crap."

*many, many pictures under cut, no serious spoilers
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So, it occurs to me that what with how all I ever talk about is Vampire Diaries and how great it is, people might be unaware of my feelings on spies.

Guys, I fucking love spies.

I had those code breaking books when I was a kid and I was super awesome at breaking those stupid codes. I was obsessed with the CIA World Factbook. I grew up to read books with titles like, "Chameleon", "Spy Catcher," and "Flint".

So I'm gonna take a break from talking about how great Vampire Diaries is (it's super great, BTW), to talk about my new favorite spy show, Chaos.

Pictures and babbling under the cut.

Trust isn't earned, it's owned. )
title: Across Unhallowed Ground
by: [personal profile] ghostrunner
fandom: Vampire Diaries
pairing: Elena/Stefan/Damon
written for: Vampire Big Bang
rating: R
word count: 10k

bonus content: ecstatic disaster, a fanmix by Tortugax

[personal profile] seanachai has done a podcast of this story, available here.


CW Promo Image

Damon looks directly at him and either he’s been drinking much, much more than he should, or he’s trying to tell Stefan something important when he says, “It would be so much easier to just end it badly.”


Part One )
title: Liminal Space
author: [personal profile] ghostrunner
fandom: Inception
paring: Arthur/Ariadne
rating: Adult
disclaimer: Christopher Nolan is an evil genius.
word count: 2,684

Ariadne thinks, I could build that. But she can’t, of course. Not in the real world. )
title: Yellow Moon Rising
author: [personal profile] ghostrunner
fandom: The Vampire Diaries
paring: Jeremy/Tyler
rating: PG-13
warnings: SPOLIERS for the entire first season

He’s been dreaming of the forest a lot, lately. )
title: Holy Clockwork Angels
by: [personal profile] ghostrunner
fandom: Supernatural
pairing: Jo/Ruby
written for: AU BigBang
rating: R
word count: 16K
enabling, encouragement, bribery, threats, advice, and sympathy by girl_wonder
summary: Steampunk AU complete with airships, gaslight, Victorian costume fantasies, and clockwork… everything. Ruby and Jo have to save the world. Probably.

bonus content:
They are You and I, fanmix by brilligspoons

“So, what’s the plan?” Jo asked several hours of fighting the elements later. “Search the entire city of Paris for an angel?”

Ruby looked sidelong at her and Jo paused in thought. “There’s a joke in there, somewhere,” she said, and Ruby grinned.

Part One )