So, it occurs to me that what with how all I ever talk about is Vampire Diaries and how great it is, people might be unaware of my feelings on spies.

Guys, I fucking love spies.

I had those code breaking books when I was a kid and I was super awesome at breaking those stupid codes. I was obsessed with the CIA World Factbook. I grew up to read books with titles like, "Chameleon", "Spy Catcher," and "Flint".

So I'm gonna take a break from talking about how great Vampire Diaries is (it's super great, BTW), to talk about my new favorite spy show, Chaos.

Pictures and babbling under the cut.

This is Operative Rick Martinez.


Rick is the main POV character, played by Freddy Rodriguez. Note how adorable he is. He's like a teddy bear. A kind of stupidly brave teddy bear who speaks a whole bunch of languages. He's new to the CIA and there's some annoying new-guy awkwardness in the beginning of the first episode, but it gets over that.

Anyway, Rick is pretty great.

This is his love interest, Fay.


Note her unbelievable beauty. I'm not exactly sure what Fay does at the CIA, but I think it's something with a better pay grade and higher security clearance than Rick. Seriously, look how pretty she is. Just put her in charge of everything.

Kurtwood Smith, of That 70s Show fame, plays the director of the CIA and he puts Rick on a team as a mole, because he wants to fire them. That's not a spoiler. It happens in the first three minutes. It takes said team just about as long to figure out that Rick's a mole.

This is said team.

Team leader Michael Dorset.


Michael's the team leader, which I already said. He's paranoid and clever and really good at getting people to do crazy things for him. This is probably related to the fact that Eric Close kind of looks like Robert Redford. I'm kind of totally in love with him. (My Elektra complex: let's not discuss it.)


The other team members are Billy Collins:


Who is Scottish for some reason. His job description is "charmer". He also seems to be the driver. He's the James Bond character, played by James Murray, most recently seen fighting time traveling dinosaurs on a terrible British show that I really loved until they killed him off. (Sidebar: James Murray's Sean Connery impression, a thing every actor is required to have, is pretty great, actually.)

And Casey Malick:


Played by Tim Blake Nelson, who I can't remember ever seeing in anything before. Casey is a charmless pessimist tolerated because he's a human weapon. No, seriously, he's a human weapon. He does, like, all of the fighting for the entire team.

Other characters include Deputy Director Ferrer.


Note how it's Christina Cole. Playing an American. No statements on why James Murray (who is English) is playing a Scot, while the equally English Christina Cole is playing an American.

There's only been two episodes, but so far the women are cool and sexy high-powered CIA officers while the background men are sad, old, and bored (but hilarious).

Anyway, it's essentially an office comedy, except these pictures are making it look like they spend more time in the office than they actually do, and also then they go to, like, North Korea. And there's gunfire. And I totally hate office comedies and I love this.


Also, there's tons of menswear, if you're into that like I am. But it's not the kind that makes you say, my god that suit is amazing, it's the kind that makes you think, my god that's actually a really strange way for every single professional man to dress and it's making the world very boring looking.


It's a spy show like an action movie, really. Which is what I'm into, let's be honest. If you want your spy show gritty and cold, watch Spooks. Actually, do watch Spooks, it's awesome, too.

Chaos is on CBS, Fridays at 8.00pm. But it looks like you can watch full episodes on IMDB, and probably CBS. And you should.
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