Just watched the new Cinderella with all the pretty people and beautiful costumes and attempted racial diversity and all the same mores and trappings of a fairytale with a dangerous "stay in an abusive home and if you're good you will be rewarded for your perseverance" message. Not all that different from the medieval Catholic peasant message of "work hard on your serfdom and you'll be rewarded in heaven" message.

BRB, writing a story where Cinderella takes her mother's "have courage and be kind" promise more literally, packs up some mementos and maybe some candlesticks or silverware, and leaves the house with the servants her stepmother turns out, living and working with them until she lands a job as an assistant to a seamstress in the city and works hard until she can open her own small modiste shop. And marries, like, a handsome clumsy baker, or some son of a merchant like her father.

And lives happily ever after while the prince marries a foreign princess for a strategic alliance and her stepmother and stepsisters accidentally poison themselves trying to make toast or whatever.



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