It's time once again for me to pimp another show as though I were getting paid for it.

...I'm not, in case you're wondering.

This one is called "Lost Girl". And it's awesome and wacky. And I have pictures.

"Look, I know you'd rather be normal, but you're not. You're a freak and I dig that about you!"

"You know, you really need to learn when to stop talking."

"Bo, you have skills that can help people. People that have nowhere else to turn! People with shiny, shiny money!"

*warning: lots of pictures*

This is Bo.


She's a succubus. She was... previously unaware of this. She just kept waking up next to dead people and being sad about it. Then she got drugged with magic and kidnapped and introduced to the secret fae court.


This her new best friend, Kenzie. She's awesome. Her first words to Bo are, "I saw you eat some dude's face, it was awesome!"


This is how they meet. Kenzie's wearing a blonde wig because that's how she rolls.


Together they fight crime!


And they wear over-the-knee boots everywhere.


Like, to the hardware store. Bitches are committed.

Also there's this guy:


He's a cop. And a fae.

Played by Kristen Holden-Reid who, despite his ridiculous girl name is actually really sexy and awesome.


He's billed as Kris, but his name is actually Kristen. You can't forget that. But sometimes he does this and more than makes up for it.


Also, sometimes he and Bo do this.


So she can heal, guys.


He's got some mysterious plot going on with this elf dude.


This guy is his partner. Also a fae of some sort, also a cop. Also awesome.


This is Doctor Lauren. She thinks Bo is beautiful. I vote they have lots of sex. For science.


I could try to convince you with logic and stuff, but the plots are kind of obvious and silly and the episode titles are... painfully clever and I decided lots of pictures was the way to go instead.


Why you're probably not watching Lost Girl already:

Um. It's on Showcase, which I'm not even sure you can get outside of Canada. But I don't live in Canada and I'm watching it and, you know, there are ways.
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