You'll Never Leave Harlan (Alive)
Raylan Givens/Boyd Crowder, (Boyd Crowder/Ava Crowder)
Warning: zombies, murder
written for [profile] undeadbigbang
art by [personal profile] someotherstorm

hell is real

bonus content )

Raylan settles gingerly on the edge of a 40 gallon steel drum. “Well, now,” he says, “what is it you think I’m doing down here?”

Boyd snaps off his rubber gloves, picks up the stick he’s using to stir. “Down here outside your safe city walls, past the hollows and creeks filled with walkers and the lone survivors with their armories and hair triggers? All the way down here?” He makes a show of glancing up at Raylan through his eyelashes. “I don’t suppose you’d come all this way just to see me, Raylan.”

The usual centripetal pull between them tugs at Raylan’s chest. Makes him lean in a little toward Boyd and homemade plastic explosive and every bad decision he’s ever made.

“Don’t suppose I would,” he says.

You'll Never Leave Harlan (Alive) )


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