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( May. 28th, 2010 10:38 am)
"They are You and I", a Holy Clockwork Angels fanmix by [personal profile] brilligspoons

As soon as she emailed me this I told her it was awesome, because when someone makes you a mix that's what you say. But then I actually listened to it and... it is really, really awesome.

I'm listening to it right now, as a matter of fact.

Also, her cover art is pretty.

They are You and I )
title: Holy Clockwork Angels
by: [personal profile] ghostrunner
fandom: Supernatural
pairing: Jo/Ruby
written for: AU BigBang
rating: R
word count: 16K
enabling, encouragement, bribery, threats, advice, and sympathy by girl_wonder
summary: Steampunk AU complete with airships, gaslight, Victorian costume fantasies, and clockwork… everything. Ruby and Jo have to save the world. Probably.

bonus content:
They are You and I, fanmix by brilligspoons

“So, what’s the plan?” Jo asked several hours of fighting the elements later. “Search the entire city of Paris for an angel?”

Ruby looked sidelong at her and Jo paused in thought. “There’s a joke in there, somewhere,” she said, and Ruby grinned.

Part One )